Welcome to the home of African Womens Co-ordinated Investments (PTY) Ltd

Since its inception, AWCI has focused on and achieved the following:

  • The establishment of AWCI’s provincial structures;
  • Consolidated its provincial investment structure;
  • The establishment of a national trust with provincial beneficiaries;
  • The establishment of a subsidiary that provides interventions for women entrepreneurs through funding, mentoring mentorship, market for their products or services as well as the development of a comprehensive growth strategy;
  • Identified opportunities that will deliver long-term value to shareholders.

BBBEE Information

  • 100% of the company’s beneficiaries are black women.
  • 100% of the board is composed of black women.
  • 100% of the operational management is composed of black women.
  • AWCI is the leading investment and operating company owned and managed entirely by black women.

Value Proposition

AWCI is not your traditional Women Empowerment grouping but a dedicated group of skilled entrepreneurs who believe in their ability to build value through: careful selection of investment opportunities; strategic partnership and leveraging of the company’s strong networks in both the private and public sectors. The company’s investment track record and internal capacity built over time speaks for itself.

AWCI promotes a strong entrepreneurial culture underpinned by:

  • People development as key to the delivery and growth of beneficiary value.
  • An entrepreneurial spirit fostering constant creativity and innovation designed to capture growth opportunities.
  • Promoting entrepreneurial flair and the freedom to operate within the context of sound judgment and decision-making.